missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!

Wow! Lemme tell ya, a few weeks off does a girl good. I’ve actually been quite productive since I left you. I think alone time is something everyone needs. Even if alone time just means disappearing from the web for a while. So I won’t make any empty promises like blogging every day, cos that’s just impossible. When I have some shit I wanna share with ya’ll, I will. When I ain’t got nothing for ya... well then you’ll see me when I do.
So, I’ve actually learned a lot in the past 4 weeks believe it or not. I see it my duty to in turn educate my readers. In list form of course. (geezus you didn’t think I took a break and my ADD went away did you? Pshhh never that.)
  •  I do not trust bitches. I only trust family. Don’t trust bitches, they be trifling. Duh.
  •  I have limits. I wish I didn’t. Limits are for suckers.
  •  Pompadours still go hard. Mini has a new pompadour. It goes hard.
  •  I started working out again. I'm mad sore. It feels fucking great. I refuse to be fat again.
  •  I eat McDonalds oatmeal 4x a week. It’s pretty much delicious.
  •  Hurting people sucks. I'm a cunt. I wish I wasn’t.
  •  My ex isn’t all that bad. He is a terrible husband, but he is an amazing friend. One of the best.
  •  Real best friends are those who have been there all along. G is my best friend. I love her to the moon. She keeps my secrets.
  •  I hate choices. I'm terrible at them. My choice maker is broken.
  •  Why the fuck would anyone want cake if they couldn’t eat it? I like eating cake.
  •  I have a new found love for BBQ. I could eat it allfuckingday. I know it’s bad for me. I eat it anyway. In the end I know BBQ will most likely stop my heart.
  •  I'm terrible at finishing projects. I'm not a project chick.
  •  Audio books are the fucking business. I can read, I just choose not to. I wish I’d have discovered them sooner.
  •  Mini has terrible posture. He gets it from me. I'm not proud of that.
  •  Mini is beyond handsome. He gets it from me. This makes me proud. I am handsome.
  •  I’ve perfected my red beer recipe. No one can touch it. It will melt your face off.
  •  I’ve missed blogging. I do have a bunch of shit to say all the time. It’s like that, and that’s the way it is.


Des said...

If i don't get one of these said red beers.. like FAST.. i'm gonna cry.. well not cry.. cuz i don't do tears.. but i'll be sad :)

GrittyVelvet said...

...and you are my best friend por vida. I <3 you to the MOON KELLY KELL! ROCK THE MUHFUCKIN BELLS!

DenverFrank said...

Missed you. Glad your back blogging. Hope to see you soon. My Red Beer against yours.