what's that sound?

I forgot how much I like this song. It reminds me of this one time when I was walking through the lobby of my building, this little old man was walking behind me. He was keeping up with me on a count of no one really walks all that fast in stilettos. He walked behind me through the entire lobby, and outside of the building. I glanced over my shoulder a couple of times trying to decide if I should be creeped out or not. Then I came to the conclusion that because he was super old, I could totally take him down if need be. So once we had almost reached the parking lot, I turned around again. He said "Excuse me, I wanted to tell you that I enjoy the sound of your shoes. It reminds me of my wife, she died 7 years ago. Her shoes made the same sound when she walked." Then he smiled and went on his way. It made my heart happy, and I think it made his heart happy too.
I love the sound of heels on a hard surface floor.... and no not like sound when the strippers clunk their giant clear platforms onto the stage. The sound of a woman walking in heels, you've heard it but most likely not paid much attention. Listen closer next time. It's kind of amazing.

Oh and here's what I'll be listening to on my way through the lobby today. Now you know.

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Mama Moroe said...

Fuck. That is a great story... I hope someone misses me one day.