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This is dedicated to the one I love......

My mini, he is by far the most hilarious, witty, smart, loving, caring, amazing person I have ever known in my entire life. And while I'd like to take credit for all of these qualities, I cannot. I have an incredible team behind me contributing to his life skills. His father, what can I say?  He is more than a baby mama could ever hope for. While we both took a violent shove into parenthood, he stepped up and has been the best father a kid could have! (Shout out to Big AJ's dad for being a complete low life and teaching him exactly how NOT to raise a kid!) His grandparents, all 6 of them for spoiling him rotten and laughing at all of his terrible jokes. My Brother, aka Uncle Joey for encouraging Mini to be himself and just do whatever he wants. Even if it means he gets to curse his face off when he's at Uncle Joeys house. SMH. His Uncle Steve for immersing my son in culture and art. Traveling with him, and showing him the finer things in life. An extra salute to his Uncle Steve and his El Salon familia for exposing him to lifestyles that many parents shield their children from. Our CasualS Familia, for exposing him to the lowrider culture, teaching him about driving in S's, and especially for loving him like one of their own!
We were recently going thru some old pictures and videos of my baby from when he was just a peanut (yes, believe it or not he used to be small) I swear they brought tears to my eyes! From day one this kid stood out from the rest. I'm sure everyone thinks that their kid is the best kid ever But I assure you that if you've ever met mine, you'd know he's a cut above the rest.
Most 10 year old boys are kind of mean and naughty. Not mine. He would rather listen to Frank Sinatra than play video games. He would wear a suit and tie to school every single day if we let him. He rocks fedoras with feathers and suspenders pretty much on a regular basis. He knows every single lyric to every single oldie track in my iPod. He tells me how pretty I look every day before we leave to school.
Today was an extra proud day for me, and made me think quite a bit about how lucky I am to have him. It was Career Day at his school, all the kids had to come dressed as the career they wanted when they grow up. (If I may just set the scene for you. Mini goes to Bromwell Elementary. Which is smack in the center of Cherry Creek North. He is one of 6 Chicano kids that attend this school.) Now with his size & skin tone alone Mini stands out tremendously among the wonder bread population of his school. But today, on Career Day he stood out a little bit more. While the majority of the kids I saw, were dressed as athletes, law enforcement, doctors, and a plethora of other careers that their parents most likely dream of for their kids.... My boy went as a tattoo artist. Not just a tattoo artist, but a cholo tattoo artist. And you know what? I couldn't have been more proud! I would obviously stand firmly behind anything he wanted to do with his life. But the simple fact that he didn't care what everyone else was doing is fucking fresh! He didn't care about the looks he was getting, or that he was the only cholo tattoo artist at career day. He just jumped out the car kissed me goodbye, and walked into his school with more vato swagg than Cheech & Chong combined. As I watched him walk away, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. My son does what he feels, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it. In my book that's a motherfucking winner. He will go far in life whether he chooses to create art, heal the sick, or entertain the masses. And he will forever be pure fucking gold. You have no idea.
Here are a few flix I took this morning before school. Please note that every single placa on him was 100% his idea. Enjoy.

sweet & sour

Now I have made it pretty well known that I don't cook. But for these..... I just may make an exception.
I will need these cookbooks in my kitchen asap. I wonder if they come in audio books....?

please send soon

In the famous words of Cube... "I don't know but today feels kinda odd". And not odd in a "today is a good day" kinda way, just fucking odd. I'm feeling a bit dark today for several reasons I suppose. I have a million and one thoughts swirling around in my head. I need a coke and a smile that's for sure! Vegas was fun and amazing and somewhat bittersweet. A definite break from reality. I'm blessed to have my CasualS family holding me down. I'm not sure where I'd be without them. I feel like I need some groundedness in my world. My life feels like its being ravaged by tsunami winds if they actually existed. I have this strange falling feeling lately.This worries me on a count of falling always hurts. Maybe it's not so much the falling that hurts, but more so the landing. Something usually gets broken. Not even the most detailed of lists can keep me on track these days. I feel toxic and unorganized. I have more things to do than I have time to do them. I feel somewhat absent not fully present at any given time. I'm stuck in this weird state of confusion and uncertainty. Like unsure if the decisions I'm making are the right ones.  I'm not sure where to go from here. I guess I'll wait for a sign.
"Cause in your eyes I can see the skies and all the heavens and you're my Angel"

It's for the people

I am currently in Las Vegas enjoying a plethora of eye candy. But if I wasn't in Vegas and I was in Denver, I would be preparing for Paparazzi for The People the always smooth Fire Lily event. If you are in Denver this is where you need to be tonight.
One of my fav Guru joints. Rest in peace King.
"Wish she could sing me a lullaby, to scoop her I've gotta try."

Rippin the lips right off of your face

Ok, so I'm like 3 days late on this. Apologies. You already know ATR is my motherfuckin familia! Without a doubt these dudes hold me down like big brothers! I will rep my ATRmy allfuckingday!
So if you support me, you should in turn support them. They dropped their new mixtape Los Maniac Bastards Vol. 1 this week. Shit is grimy as fuck! I assure you there ain't nothing out there like this. Do yourself a favor and peep my favorite track "Can't Be Us" you can thank me later. Download it or fucking kill yourself. You're welcome.

"I'm more or less the best sex that ya legs can spread. Now lemme flex in the mirror while you give me head"

text me

Man the people in my life are hilarious and extra super legit, myself included. As I sit here in my hotel room, waiting for my phone to ring, I decided to scroll thru all my texts. Here are a few of the gems I came across. I'll do everyone a favor and keep the senders info to myself. Even tho I know you're dying to know...
  • "I shaved my legs in the sink tonight and rocked a skirt with no panties #whorebathtestimony"
  • "Oh I'll straight murk that bitch. You already know"
  • "Here's the incriminating pic bwaahahaha"
  • "He's like a girl, but worse"
  • "LOL! Fingerbang sessions?" reply: "yeah like Jr. High!!"
  • "I'd make a terrible rapper! I'd make an amazing raper tho!!"
  • "Is it hot in ur room?"
  • "I've been going underwear-less too lately" reply: "They're kinda pointless really"
  • "Anything anytime for you"
  • "Ask me who just got nailed in the face with a fucking baseball!"
  • "I don't know whos dumbfuck idea it was to name them softballs. I can assure you they're not soft at all"
  • "I like to push on my eye when it's bruised. Are you touching it?" 
  • "If you want I'll push on it for you"
  • "I'm 86% sure you just declined my call"
  • "What is ur last name? It wouldn't accept The General"
  • "Ask me who forgot to wear panties and got patted down and xray scanned"
  • "I love that booty"
  • "I wanna shake the shit outta you sometimes"
  • "I love you more than you will ever know Angel"
  • "Hi mama bear! Wacha doin"
  • "Somehow I think this delay is ur fault"
  • "You blogged your face off! I like it when you blog. #thegensbiggestfan"
  • "Have fun today baby!" "I whill, I whill have fun!"
peep this. get yours. word

I don't believe you

I wonder if anyone really loves you as much as they claim to? I'm still a bit unsure. I have a tendency to think everything I hear is lie. This is my defense mechanism. It sucks for people who try to get close to me.
Lots of people tell me they're paying attention to what I do. I have two words for them... prove it.

Committee Where You At?

This show was extra live for sure! There was amazing music and even a bit of... uh "excitement".
LiveFORTH is working with Fresh Breath Committee on a Denver Documentary. Here is a snippet of a show filmed at Cassleman's. FBC opened for Dilated Peoples. This footage is dope, I can't wait to see the full documentary. Dig a hole, cos these cats are killin the game.
Watch close and you will even see an extra special Whorebath appearance! Shout out to Fo Chief for reppin the spankin new "Till Death Do Us Part" tee! Watcha!
Oh and their latest and greatest can be downloaded here. Word.

bend over

Like The General's Booty Facebook page or fuck off. Word
Yes, this is actually The General's Booty, well a slightly airbrushed version. I can assure you my ass is not that tan in real life. It is however that fat.  Make special note of the incredibly trashy slash awesome tattoo. You love it, but there is no "love" button on Facebook, so for now you "like" it.

Something so intoxicating happens in your kisses

Gawd I swear I can never ever get enough of this track! This will forever be one of my all time favorites. No other rapper can put words together like this dude in my opinion. Someday someone will think of me like this, I'm sure of it! Listen to this one with your eyes closed.

"Now for those that know me
Which can't be said by many,
They'll tell you, I never fall in love
But on nights like this, when the twilight is deadly
And the city's sub atomic and barely breathing
I meet girls like this

I see her sittin at the ice cream parlor with a banana split
Emanatin such a radiant color of amethyst
I can't camouflage the jitters or the franticness
Everything about her fly posture says tantric bliss
The phantoms kiss spills poison from her still lips
That type of class is from a 1950's film script
I'm captivated to the core, it's hard to swallow
She's like a sun-dipped spirit gushing from the foggy hollows
There's condensation on the new bent metal
A conversation with this blue-lipped devil could peel the two lip petals
My fate'll say to me "Be calm and be cool"
But she learned to rule the world in cosmetology school
She's not like a Betty Page, she's like a Bible page
She's like a neon sky filled with a wild haze
I get her name and ask her for her number quite politely
She walks away while saying "If you're lucky then you'll find me."

But I think I feel that this time it's different
Everything about you wants to stimulate my senses
Something so intoxicating happens in your kisses
Lithium lips, it's those lithium lips, it's those

I see her downstairs at the hotel bar, continue story
Her eyes are stormy, she makes sure that she ignores me
This is nobodies promiscuous daughter
I roll a cigarette and order up a whiskey and water
Oh Christ, I can smell her from here
The ambrosia is like a sugar-coated elephant's ear
And now the prevalent fear is sweetly scented with the venoms we pass
Girls learn sexiness, women teach class
I approach her but I don't say a thing
I just take the halo off her head and wear it as a wedding ring
She's not a sexy thing, she's a sassy thinker
A classy drinker with the wine glass to tap her finger
Elegantly dressed, coats of posh nail polish
She sucks the heart from another cocktail olive
She says, "Quit having dreams about touching my face. Cause you're only in love with the chase."
Then she gets up and leaves.

But I think I feel that this time it's different
Everything about you wants to stimulate my senses
Something so intoxicating happens in your kisses
Lithium lips, it's those lithium lips, it's those

Now I don't ever fall in love
But on nights like this, when nimbus cloudlets of black fluff circle the skyscrapers
And the pulse of the city breaths new depths
That cleanse the palate of self
I have encounters like this

But I think I feel that this time it's different
Everything about you wants to stimulate my senses
Something so intoxicating happens in your kisses
Lithium lips, it's those lithium lips, it's those"

Snappin Necks & Cashin Checks

I need this in my arsenal. Duh.
Limited quantity available. I already done ordered mine. Get yours here. Pow!

Queen Beez On The Swarm

As if you didnt already know, these bitches aint nuthin to fuck with. If you missed the Lady Wu show a couple months back, you should kick yourself in the face! It was seriously one of the livest shows I've ever been to! Some of these bitches out perform the real Wu members *cough* Lady Speech *cough*!! Well if you did miss it, here's your 2nd chance to experience the Queen Beez. This is where you'll find my face. Duh.
Oh, heres a little sample of just how fucking raw these bitches put shit down.

Just don't mistreat me

Barbara Lynn is a g. Nuff said.
If you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing
If you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing

You know I love you, do anything for you
Just don't mistreat me, and I'll be good to you
Cause if you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing

I'm givin you one more chance, for you to do right
If you'll only straighten up, we'll have a good life
Cause if you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing

This is my last time, not asking any more
If you don't do right, I'm gonna march outta that door
And if you don't believe me,
just try it daddy and you'll lose a good thing

Just try it daddy and you'll lose a good thing
Just try it daddy and you'll lose a good thing
Just try it daddy and you'll lose a good thing
Just try it daddy and you'll lose a good thing

Forever Rising

If you haven't already, you need to get your face over to The 4th Door rightfuckingnow. Peep this weeks installment of Saturday Shuffle, it features my best friend Germaine Lopez, aka Kelly Kel, aka Gritty Velvet. She's the calm to my storm, the water to my fire, the tranquilizer to my raging bull. She keeps me grounded. I love her till death and you should too.

Run It

Mostly I try not to run unless I'm being chased. But for my favorites, I'll make an exception. Get this joint while you can. It's hot, and motherfuck the beat is sick. "Word to the fly hooks"

"I spit the shit that you can feel, but you ain't comin' round"