What a girl wants

So after polling a few of my nearest and dearest, as well as searching my own brain, I've compiled this list of some key qualities that me and my bitches look for in a man. So pay attention gentlemen, because these are straight from the mouths/texts of the baddest themselves.
  • Spontaneity. And no, a booty call does not count as spontaneous. Oh and randomly following a girl or showing up wherever she goes is called stalking. Now you know.
  • Good taste. Whether it be in music, movies, art, fashion, whatever. Good taste is fucking imperative. Oh and according to one of my girls khakis = bad taste.
  • Wicked humor. This is so important to keep any relationship going. Keep a smile on my face and I'm yours forever. When those smiles go away, you should be worried.
  • Manliness. As independent as any female is, I guarantee none of us want to take out our own trash, or pump our own gas. And every girl needs someone there to comfort her when she has a nightmare.
  • Gasoline. As in keeping the fire going. It's never an easy task but is always worth it.
  • Chivalry. Open fucking doors, walk on the street side, Tell her how beautiful she is. All that bullshit that dudes are suppose to do. Yeah it fucking matters.
  • Pride. And no not pride in yourself, pride in your girl. If she's important enough to spend everyday with, then every other important person in your life should know about her. If your not proud of the girl on your arm, you're a pig and you don't deserve her.
  • Clyde. Every Bonnie needs a Clyde. Girls look for a ride or die man who will always have their back, good or bad. If you have the right chick I guarantee she'll do the same for you.
  • The Good Good. You know what it is, you need to put it the fuck down. Give her something she can feel, and will remember, and give her goosebumps. You should also know that almost every single one of my girls that I polled had this near the top of their list.
  • Romance. I've decided that to most men there is a somewhat blurred perception of "dating". Let me clear things up, dating means that sometimes you take your girl on dates like to dinner or the movies or ice cream or whatever other shit she's into. Going to her house to fuck and sleep is not "dating", it's "fucking & sleeping". Keep in mind that a lot of dates do lead to "fucking and sleeping", but girls like the date part too. Romance also includes surprises and shit like that.
So with those important items out of the way, I now give you the top 4 things a girl needs from a man. Dudes, do not fucking take this lightly. These are motherfucking requirements!
  1. RESPECT - If you have a girl that you truly love, give her the respect that she deserves. Disrespect is a deal breaker. Respect her and her decisions and do it every day. Yes.
  2. HONESTY - Do not fucking lie!!!! 99% of the time we know you're fucking lying and we're just testing you. Quit with the lies, seriously quit it.
  3. LOYALTY - Once you've made a conscious decision to be with a woman, there should be no one else. If you feel the need to fuck with other females, you shouldn't have a girl. As innocent as you have convinced yourself it is, if you have to hide it or lie about it, it's not ok. Before you make these decisions, think about what you have to lose, and ask yourself if it's really worth it. A quote that I love: "I want someone who only sees me." ~MT
  4. A LOVE SUPREME - If you love her don't hold back, go all in. Tell her and show her and make her feel it from her toes to her soul, thru the palms of her hands until your love is her love. Be a better person for her. Cherish the fact that in this whole world full of people, you found her. And make it amazing every single fucking day.
I got some interesting responses from my girls when I asked what they look for. A few of my favorite quotes on the subject:
"A big dick, wicked humor, and a love supreme..... no khakis either"
"Gimme all your fuckin money!!!.... Just kidding"
"To always be wanted by someone you love so much"
"I'm a motherfucking queen and should be treated as such. If you ain't with it, then move the fuck on."

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