Because free is the only way to live

Fuck The Police!! This is seriously like one of my fav 3 word combos ever!! Cos the police and the justice system is completely fucked!! No lie! In fact they are currently tryna stick it to my home Concept! But best believe my people don't ever go down without a fight! Unfortunately fighting the justice system costs money. So here's how you can help.... Bring yo ass to Cassleman's Friday night for an amazing show including performances by ATR, BLKHRTS, SP Double, Gods Forgotten and more! Denver's rawest, dirtiest, most grimy performers will be there to rape your eardrums and leave your panties wet! I promise you do not want to miss this show! All proceeds will go to help Concept cover legal fees. Let's keep this motherfucker on the streets where he belongs! I know I personally feel safer when I'm rollin with my ATRmy than any pig could ever keep me! Live a free life, because anything else ain't worth living!

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leanna said...

you are a fn riot !!!!! <3