Let it be known...

I do a whole bunch of shit. I have my hand in a fuck ton of projects at all times. It's 100% true that I over exert myself in so many aspects of my life. First and foremost I'm a mommy. This is my most important job. I couldn't breathe, live, or even exist without my son. He defines me in so many ways.
I have a "day job" like Clark Kent status. I've been there for 12 years, it's easy and I make more money than I probably should.
Then there are my passions. Makeup, it gives me the freedom to express myself thru my artwork. There is something so fulfilling about making a woman feel good about herself or see herself in a different light. I'm not saying that women need makeup to be beautiful. But in my experience it opens the door to self love for a lot of women. Therefore it is one of my true passions, and I will continue to create beauty well into the future.
Whorebath. The original idea of a project like this is much more simple than executing the project itself. It's a long, slow, extremely tedious process. But I refuse to quit. It will be a success, maybe not tomorrow but someday.
Blogging. Let me just say that I originally created this blog as an outlet for myself to write down my thoughts unfiltered and uncensored. It just so happened that there are a lot of people out there that share my opinions and appreciate what I have to say. Bottom line is, I still do it for me. But anyone else is more than welcome to enjoy the ride.
So, let it be known that I don't blog, design clothing, do makeup or partake in another projects for the recognition. I do it because I love it. And hearing that what I'm doing inspires, intrigues, and makes others smile... Well that's just a perk of the game. If no one read my blog, attended my events, or rocked my gear, I'd most likely still do it, all of it. It's not about acceptance and love from others, it's about acceptance and love from myself.
That's all I got morherfuckers.

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