Weekend Wrap up

This last weekend was a rather interesting one... yeah we'll go with interesting. Super random for sure. It left me completely fucking dead to say the very least! A few highlights in no particular order:
  • Just because you're in full hair and makeup doesn't mean someones gonna take you out.
  • I missed Too Short, this makes me sad, probably because I'm old school.
  • Making girls into pin-up dolls is my job, like I get paid to do it, I love my fucking job.
  • BLKHRTS photo shoots go hard! There were sketchy staircases, dinner tables, people sweating on each other, billiard antics, broken ping pong tables. All within 30 minutes on a count of I was late.
  • I heart boxing, it's not dead. I love Sugar Shane and I'm sorry he got womped.
  • Getting locked in an Acura is not as glamorous as it sounds. Thank goodness for big houses!
  • Lady Wu will murder your face, and then they'll leave you standing there all dead face while The Pirate Signal rapes your mind. Then they'll let you go home.
  • There's a big difference between a "concert" and a "show" either way, if you step on my shoes and/or put your butt on or near me I can assure you, you're begging to get punched.
  • Best fucking detour of your life! 
  • Little tiny body builders with eye patches, who krump in the window at themselves. Need I say more?
  • 3 hours of sleep is not nearly enough.
  • Running a 5k on 3 hours of sleep and a protein shake is possible. Not recommended, but possible.
  • Mom says wearing a motherfucker shirt on mothers day is a bad idea. I disagree.
  • You should always give a compliment before you ask for something. This is the logic of my nephew.
And although there were many, I narrowed it down to two winning quotes from this weekend.
Mom: "We call her Vicki, but her real name is Gina."
Vicki: "Ummm my name is TINA!"

Mini: "I finally found out what camel toe means!!! It's when you wear socks with flip flops!"

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