Can't wait to see this motherfucker tonight. It'll be amazing..... Duh
"If you come with me, I'ma make it worth your while"

no means no

Ok, I would attend this event based simply on the name alone! The fact that there is an amazing cause behind it is just a perk! SlutWalk, which originated in Toronto is coming to Denver! SlutWalk started in Toronto when a representative from the Toronto Police told a group of students that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to not be victimized." Outraged by this statement 5 Toronto women decided to take action. Slut walk is an event created with the purpose of bringing attention to the victims of sexual assault, end victim blaming and rape.
I'm usually donning some sorta slutty apparel 5-6 days a week on a count of that's just how I roll. So yeah, I love dressing slutty.... being raped on the other hand sounds fucking awful! So if you see me in the streets rocking something slutty, I can assure you it's not because I want you to rape me. Thanks.

The morals of this one are as follows:
a) Don't rape people
b) Dressing slutty is ok.
c) Attend and/or donate to this event.

The event will be Saturday, July 2nd, 12pm-3pm at Civic Center Park. See all your slutty little faces there!
PS. Wear your Whorebath and you'll fit right in! Pow!

free 99

My good friends at INK MONSTR are once again throwing this amazing event, the second annual "Power of Free Art and Music Festival" at Casselman's Bar & Venue. This one of a kind event will once again bring Art and Music to the people of Denver, FOR FREE! The event features live performances,  artist installations, and live art throughout the evening including art exhibits by Johnny Tragedy! Let me just tell you, this dude is the fucking truth! Sick & twisted just how I like em!
Live performances include Villains, Tanya Morgan, Whygee, DJ Lady Sha, and... DJ BrikABrak!!! Whaaaaaaaat? This is seriously where ya'll need to be!!

and who the fuck are you?

A list. Because it's what I do. You're welcome.

- I forgot trash day last week. This will never happen again. My garage smells fucking terrible.
- Appreciation is incredibly underrated.
- DQ makes Banana cream pie blizzards. I ate one. It was orgasmic.
- Feelings are fragile. Handle them with care.
- If you know something you are about to do is going to hurt someone you love, don't fucking do it. Duh.
- Don't knock my hustle. Thanks
- Stickers make people really happy. Like really really happy.
- I wish I had a maid. I hate cooking and cleaning and pretty much anything domestic.
- Often times you don't realize how important someone is to you until they're gone.
- The gas light is my nemesis. There are few things I hate more than putting gas in my car.
- Apparently smoke alarms still make noise even when you remove the batteries. Who knew?
- Just because you're related to someone will not stop them from being a complete and total fuck face to you.
- Words are incredibly powerful tools. Choose your words wisely.
- I make terrible choices. I seriously need to hire a "choice maker" to make all my choices for me because apparently the ones I make are uncorrect 92% of the time.
- I have been putting things into percentages a lot lately. I'm 72% sure this assists me in getting my point across.
- I have lake front property, but only when it rains. Everytime I close my eyes I do not pray for rain. That's just dumb. Unless something was on fire, then it's cool.
- I need to take more vacation time. You know to find my balance. yes.
- Thank gawd for my bestie. Without her I'd probably have murdered someone by now, and be in jail. Which would suck because I hate bologna sandwiches.

aren't we all...

"This is more than music. This is more than art."

If you know anything about me you know I rep hard for American Trash Republic. It will always be this way. Always. These dudes hold me down like family. They protect me like one of their own no matter what. It's hard to find real people that still exist these days. That still respect the values of familia and loyalty.
With that said, peep the homie Concept Oner's newest video "There For You" just released. The thing that sets my ATR people apart from the rest, is they don't rap about shit that they ain't been thru. If they're spitting about drugs and prison, and living on the streets, it's because they've been there, not because it sounds dope or because they wanna look hardcore. They are hardcore. Remember that.
"Cos I look like I feel, and I feel like a menace."
You may remember my Live Free post a while back on the fundraising event for Concept's legal ish. Well there are still a few Live Free tees available with all proceeds going to Concept. He's rocking one in the video. Here's what they look like.... well here's what they look like on me anyway. Results may vary. Holler at me if you want one. They're dope, and now you know.

don't be a square

This show is tomorrow. You will need to be there. Prime Element, Fresh Breath Committee, Diamond Boiz, St. Nick & DJ Discord and the motherfucking COLORADO CASUALS!!!!  Buttermilk Biscuits!!
See you there lovers!

Damn you da shit

This, cos it's Friday. Yep.
"Smoke a lot a weed but I could nevea forget ya"

Just a few randoms floating around my brain. I'll share them so that they can float around in your brain.
- There is a huge difference between a friend and a stalker.
- Just because you have a crush on somebody doesn't make them yours.
- If you accuse someone of something over and over, eventually their just gonna do it.
- "Hot Mess" is never ever cute. And def not something to be proud of.
- That "on top of the world" feeling is amazing.
- Self pitty is not a good look.
- You have to love yourself before anyone else will love you.
- If you love someone you should seriously let them know every single chance you get, on a count of every time could be the last time.
- Watching people you care about hit rock bottom is never easy. You cannot help those who are unwilling to be helped.
- When people move on, just be happy for them. Being bitter and hateful will eat away at you.
Thats all I got for now.

Currently bumping this.....

"I love the view from behind ya. You on fire


Amberama a Go Go!

So I have this friend, Amberama. Shes pretty much one of the most amazing humans I know. You may remember her story from a previous booty feature Pompadours & Breast Cancer. Amber Martinez is by far one of the strongest, most resilient bitches walking this earth! She is a breast cancer survivor for what seems like the millionth time. She is a mother. And she is a phenomenal artist!
While recovering from her most recent street fight with breast cancer Amber focused her creative genius on her latest project, Voo Doo Dolls A Go Go! She makes each one of these amazing little fuckers by hand! You can choose from the variety of dolls she has in stock or have a custom doll made. Each doll comes complete with 2 push pins. They are voodoo dolls after all. I'm almost positive she's working on a General doll right now! *winkl
All proceeds from her doll sales go to left over medical bills and student loans. I can't even begin to imagine what cancer is running these days.
You can cop your very own Voo Doo Doll here!!! Do it!

Oh here are a few examples of the dopery my girl creates!



yes please

It's Friday. So here are a few things that I am excited about this weekend:
  • the ferris wheel
  • birthday fun
  • mi cheleada
  • rolling blunts. not smoking them just rolling them
  • creating pin-ups
  • beating this dudes ass tomorrow
  • sleeping in
  • my ac being turned on
  • a day off (just one)
  • oldies, carne, and Casuals
  • quality time
I'm finding my balance one day at a time and it's a motherfucking wonderful thing.

choot da gayda!

This is seriously my new favorite show ever!! I love the way these people talk! It's motherfucking entertainment if you ask me! I also love how they put subtitles at the bottom of the screen even tho they're speaking English! Who needs big budget 4D movies? Not me. Give me some swamp people and I'm happy. This show is on the History Channel oh and on demand too. Do yourself a favor and watch it, it's awesome. You're welcome.

nobodys innocent

How do you really know when a person is guilty of something? It's funny how people act when certain things come up in conversation. That's usually how I can tell. Most people get defensive or angry. I've even encountered people who can't stop smiling or laughing. I usually just assume everyone is innocent and good until they prove me wrong. 82% of the people I encounter prove me wrong. I wish that percentage was lower, but I guess there's just not as many good people out there as there should be. Or maybe I'm meeting the wrong people. Even tho I give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they're good, there are some people who raise suspicion merely by the way they react to conversations and/or situations. But alas... suspicion does not equal guilt. So again I'll give you my trust until you bruise it or break it. Just remember, if I'm leaving with a broken heart you're leaving with a broken nose.
It's midnight and that's all I got.

Tea time

I'd like for someone to buy this for me please. I will drink tea from it and speak with an accent. I'll say things like "ello poppet" and  "bloody ell". I'll eat crumpets, which I'm pretty sure is just a fancy word for cookies. I like cookies.

I miss her

"I don't like it, but I guess things happen that way."