and who the fuck are you?

A list. Because it's what I do. You're welcome.

- I forgot trash day last week. This will never happen again. My garage smells fucking terrible.
- Appreciation is incredibly underrated.
- DQ makes Banana cream pie blizzards. I ate one. It was orgasmic.
- Feelings are fragile. Handle them with care.
- If you know something you are about to do is going to hurt someone you love, don't fucking do it. Duh.
- Don't knock my hustle. Thanks
- Stickers make people really happy. Like really really happy.
- I wish I had a maid. I hate cooking and cleaning and pretty much anything domestic.
- Often times you don't realize how important someone is to you until they're gone.
- The gas light is my nemesis. There are few things I hate more than putting gas in my car.
- Apparently smoke alarms still make noise even when you remove the batteries. Who knew?
- Just because you're related to someone will not stop them from being a complete and total fuck face to you.
- Words are incredibly powerful tools. Choose your words wisely.
- I make terrible choices. I seriously need to hire a "choice maker" to make all my choices for me because apparently the ones I make are uncorrect 92% of the time.
- I have been putting things into percentages a lot lately. I'm 72% sure this assists me in getting my point across.
- I have lake front property, but only when it rains. Everytime I close my eyes I do not pray for rain. That's just dumb. Unless something was on fire, then it's cool.
- I need to take more vacation time. You know to find my balance. yes.
- Thank gawd for my bestie. Without her I'd probably have murdered someone by now, and be in jail. Which would suck because I hate bologna sandwiches.

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