nobodys innocent

How do you really know when a person is guilty of something? It's funny how people act when certain things come up in conversation. That's usually how I can tell. Most people get defensive or angry. I've even encountered people who can't stop smiling or laughing. I usually just assume everyone is innocent and good until they prove me wrong. 82% of the people I encounter prove me wrong. I wish that percentage was lower, but I guess there's just not as many good people out there as there should be. Or maybe I'm meeting the wrong people. Even tho I give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they're good, there are some people who raise suspicion merely by the way they react to conversations and/or situations. But alas... suspicion does not equal guilt. So again I'll give you my trust until you bruise it or break it. Just remember, if I'm leaving with a broken heart you're leaving with a broken nose.
It's midnight and that's all I got.

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