"This is more than music. This is more than art."

If you know anything about me you know I rep hard for American Trash Republic. It will always be this way. Always. These dudes hold me down like family. They protect me like one of their own no matter what. It's hard to find real people that still exist these days. That still respect the values of familia and loyalty.
With that said, peep the homie Concept Oner's newest video "There For You" just released. The thing that sets my ATR people apart from the rest, is they don't rap about shit that they ain't been thru. If they're spitting about drugs and prison, and living on the streets, it's because they've been there, not because it sounds dope or because they wanna look hardcore. They are hardcore. Remember that.
"Cos I look like I feel, and I feel like a menace."
You may remember my Live Free post a while back on the fundraising event for Concept's legal ish. Well there are still a few Live Free tees available with all proceeds going to Concept. He's rocking one in the video. Here's what they look like.... well here's what they look like on me anyway. Results may vary. Holler at me if you want one. They're dope, and now you know.

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