Don't forget Monday is FREE MUTHAFUCKIN SLURPEE DAY!!!! All 7-11 locations are giving away free slurpees all day long in celebration of their birthday! The only thing better than a slurpee is a free slurpee... duh. Ok, I'll be honest I prefer icees over slurpees, but I also prefer free over not free. Oh and not to piss on the free slurpee parade, but the free slurpees are only 7.11oz sized, which I suppose has potential to give you a mini brain freeze. So I guess if you go to a whole bunch of 7-11's and get a baby slurpee at each one, they'll eventually add up to a regular sized brain freeze.
So yay for free baby slurpees, now to find me slurpee date..... watcha!

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