face time

Wanted to take a quick second to shout out a couple of amazing artists! Apparently my face is inspiring, which is dope! Two of the city's most talented chose my mugg to grace their canvases. I am seriously so motherfucking humbled it's ridiculous.
Alba Valerdi is a fucking bad ass with the charcoal and pastels. The detail in her artwork is unfuckingbelieveable! This drawing she did of me is seriously breathtaking! I wanted to pee when I saw it! Don't be jealous, you too can have a Valerdi original. Her amazing custom artwork can be commissioned. Holler at her.
Thank you Alba! Your hands are pure fucking gold!
Mier has a back round in tattoos, which he fucking murders the shit out of! Dudes color portrait tatts are like nothing you've ever seen! And lucky for me, he fucks with the brushes a bit too! He painted this amazing piece for an upcoming art show. His art pretty much speaks for itself. You can fuck with his art too! Whether you need a good inking, or something to hang over your fireplace, hit him up, you won't be sorry.
Thank you so much Mier, your talent is untouchable!
Also an extra special shout out to my boo Iman Woods, for the amazing imagery! I can assure you I do not look this good just laying around in bed.

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Iman Woods Creative said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I freaking love these!!! What a talent!!!

And hells YES woman, you look like this EVERY SECOND.