grammar is sexy

Dear everyone, please learn to spell.  Unless you're texting "you" and "your" should be spelled out. "Dat" does not equal "that" and "da" does not equal "the". Oh and dollar signs are not the same thing as the letter S.  I can assure you that I am no fucking spelling bee champ, but I promise if I spell something wrong it is super duper unintentional. And yes, we all use our fair share of made up words like "biznatch" and "bestie". I'm just saying please be smart enough to know the difference between "are" and "our".
Also, using appropriate punctuation is a legit idea too. 

PS. You should also be eagerly anticipating Thursday's Booty, on a count of there will be some super delicious, exclusive goodness for you and your ears. You're welcome.

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