Might as well be a dragon...

These things are currently cracking me up:
  • Halloween in July. My mini loves Halloween and will do anything to make it happen!
  • The weather. This shit is fucking bananas! I literally have lake front property and it ain't nothin nice!
  • Friend requests. There has seriously been some hilariously outrageous friend requests happening lately. Do these dumb fucks honestly think they're going to get accepted? Keep it movin please and thanks.
  • Password selections. My work computer took a dump, so the IT dude needed my password to get into it and fix it. Obviously I never anticipated having to share it. Duh. So he's like "What's your password?" and I'm like "Really?", and he's like "Yeah" so I'm like "Ok, well it's 'FuckYou'"..... He's like ...."That's creative" and I'm like "fuck you". Maybe I should re-think my office password selections in the future, but I don't really care that much.
  • #whorebathconfessions. Dude, if you only knew the kinda shit my friends send me! Maybe I'll blog them all one day. That shit would blow your mind!
  • Bitches. Now ya'll know bitches are funny as a motherfucker. I've encountered a few in the last week or so. Remember ladies, no matter what you got there's always some triflin bitch out there trying to get her disgusting little hands on it. (side note: I will cut a bitches hands clean off)
  • Gumby thumbs. The two words together are hilarity. Trust me.
  • Sarcasm. It's neeeeeever funny!
PS. Something that is not funny... Police brutality. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for some real shit. Yeah.

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