I got this message on facebook last night. I don't even know who this broad is. She's old and apparently a grandmother or some shit. I guess she e-stalks my life. Whatever, this is fucking hilarious to me. Oh and for those of you who don't know the deal.... I pretty much do and say whatever I want. I heart curse words in any way shape or form they come. For those of you who are offended by my language art, allow me to remind you of two things:
1. Words don't own us.
2. I don't give a motherfuck what the fuck you think of me you fucking fuck.

Oh and here's a lil something special for my e-stalker and all my other critics. One of my all time favorite joints ever!
"Nasty bitches around the world, I wrote this rhyme for you. You might not like my rap, but I'm tellin you bitch it's true."

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Tensai said...

Cuss words, just let em flow....Mothafuckin shit god damn asshole!!