a slit wrist leaves a mess

A list. Fuck you. And your mom. I don't care.
- I wish I could get knuckle tattoos in real life. I hate working in corporate America, and I wish I didn't have to cover all of my amazing ink!
- Leukemia is a complete asshole if leukemia were a person I'd punch it so hard in the face, like with all my might.
- Pillow tops are currently at the top of my favorite things list. If I ever get to meet the person who invented pillow tops I'll totally kiss them right inside the mouth.
- Cutting all of your hair off feels stupendous. You should do it..... depending on what you look like.
- I fail so hard at having groceries in my house. I'm going to work on this.
- Protect yo heart, and yo neck.
- Planking is awesome and hilarious. I don't care what anyone says. I can assure you no one is planking because they're racist. That's just dumb.
- Being tan makes me feel better. If that's shallow then so be it.
- I drink one large iced coffee per day. It's become a problem. I've embraced it.
- I wore yoga pants and a beater to work today. Mostly cos I don't really give a fuck. I put on a cardigan to fool people into thinking I'm dressed up. It worked. "The Man" -0, The Gen -1
- Next week's booty will blow your mind.

That's all I got for now. Fuck off.

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