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As if I’ve never made it clear enough, I motherfucking hate the police! I think they are the definition of corrupt! Anyone who uses their power of authority to abuse and harass people is fucking scum in my book. Growing up, in school and shit the whole “Police are our friends” bullshit was always pushed super hard. I learned the truth pretty quickly on that one. I suppose to some people in some walks of life the Police are in fact their friends. But in my life experience, me and my people are not included in that group. Example: Me, Mini and an old friend of mine (we’ll call her “Wonder Bread”) were driving in my car. Keep in mind, “Wonder Bread” is straight out the burbs, and has little to no police interaction in her life. So Mini says “Everybody be cool, there’s a popo” (Yeah, my kid says shit like that, welcome to my world). Lemme tell you, the look on my friend’s face was pretty fucking priceless. She was so shocked and confused as to a) How my kid spotted the cop from so far away. b) Why he was warning us of police presence. She said something to the effect of “We’re not even doing anything wrong.” To which I replied “It doesn’t matter.” That experience was a sort of reality check. No, not everyone experiences police corruption…. Must be nice.
It’s a sad world, when you have to raise your children to be cautious of those who we pay to “serve and protect” us. Don’t get it twisted, I have and will continue to raise my son to respect the law and to respect authority. I will not however shelter him from reality or the truth.
That being said, I'm super honored to be a part of the homie Mane Rok’s latest project “This One’s”. The project focuses on the issue of police brutality and injustice. The video premiere will be held this Friday at Casselman’s Bar and Venue. I can assure you, it will be one of the most powerful things you’ve seen. This week leading up to the video premiere, Mane is releasing a series of 6 remixes of the track. Today I have the distinct pleasure of premiering one of those remixes exclusively! This version by Dyalekt featuring Theem One, is one of the grittier mixes of the set, which is why Mane chose The General’s Booty to debut it.

In the words of Mane himself, here’s exactly how this mix was born:
“DDDDDDDDDDIAMOND BOIZZZZZZ!!!! This is the chant. This is what made me believe.
What made me see something in the fellas from the Diamond Boiz crew. Dyalekt aka JClass, Producer/MC/Graphics Designer for the Diamond Boiz was the first of the initial list of folks I asked to remix the song to get me his version. That's just how he works. When he says it's gonna be will be asap. When he sent me the instrumental, I laid out the plans on how I was doing a series of remixes, and feeling a bit disappointed that there'd be others, he said "Screw it, Imma record my own verse to it as well." After getting the Qknox remix instrumental (which can be found over at today as well) and linking with Jericho Son of None for that one, it spurred me to return to the original format of the song, which featured my one time partner in rhyme Theem One. I told Dyalekt..."Don't record a verse for your remix. I'm going to have my old band mate spit his original verse for it."
In all the time I had worked with Theem previously, to me, this was his best work ever.
Not because it was a song with me (we had tons of those,) but because his verse was so sincere and thought out. I remember hearing and studying Theem's patterns and being blown away every time I heard it. Theem's whole steez...his "swag" with rhyming at that time was a huge inspiration to my own work. This had to be the way to go. Dyalekt was in....and then, tragedy struck.
An old friend, Pablo aka Insane had passed away. I was getting Facebook messages from friends from the old crew. A benefit was being put together for Insane. Theem would be on the bill as well to play. This was the opportunity to talk to him after years of not. Time came...we talked...Theem was in.”
-Mane Rok
So without further ado: "That's the sound of the beast"

You can cop the other mixes at:
The Reverb-Denver Post: RIPower Kolor Grey remix
West Denver Cop Watch: Strange Powers Electro Remix
Scarlet Smoke: 800 The Jewell Ft. Myrical Child Remix
Popular Lemonade: Qknox Ft. Jericho Son Of None
And the final mix drops tomorrow at:

Also remember to be present at the video premiere this Saturday. You can even catch some of my amazing special FX skills, and Mini’s lighting skills featured in the video. Act like you know. Thanks.

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