I'll help....

So as pretty much everyone knows by now, I have a birthday coming up. If you didn't know, fuck you you're stupid. In an effort to assist my friends and lovers with gift selection I'm gonna post some shit that I wouldn't mind all wrapped up and under my birthday tree. You're welcome.
For today's selection, we have the Disney Couture Jewelry. Now I'm not big on the wholesomeness of Disney, but their couture jewelry line is pretty ill. Especially the Pirate shit.
Side Note: I was talking to someone the other day and they straight up told me that I was a pirate. On a
count of my wardrobe, tattoos, and language I guess. Whatever, I'll take that. I've been called worse, 
and I think pirates are kinda bad ass in theory.  Oh and not to mention I got the pirate booty on lock!  
So anyway, here's a few of my picks from the line. Buyer tip: if you get me a ring I have extra small baby digits so get the smallest size offered.Thanks

         Pirates Bracelet $42          Pirate Sugar Necklace $36         Shark Jaw Ring $32             Black Apple Ring $28
And last but ceartinly most desired....
Pirates Sugar Skull Ring $24
I will post more birthday suggestions for you as I come across them. Also allow me to remind you that kisses are free and I super love recieving those. Thanks

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