Who can you trust?

So yeah, you've heard me say that DJ Amen/LARD's Never Trust Robots is thee illest mixtape in my collection. In fact I featured it way back when it was released, as well as all of his Field Day Radio joints (which can all be found in the booty archives). So I think we're clear that I'm not just jumping on the blog bandwagon with this one. BTW shout out to the "bloggers" who post stuff they don't know shit about tryna act like they do. SMH 
Amen is an amazing DJ and a good friend of mine. When he told me a while back that he was working on NTR2, I was fucking ecstatic!! His mixes are so appealing to me on a count of I'm not a hardcore hip-hop head. He hits you with joints that are out of the ordinary and from a variety of genres. The transitions are like fucking butter unlike most mixes being released lately.
Do yourself a favor and download this shit. You can view the full track list over at The 4th Door. I've had it on loop for a few days now, and I still can't get enough! Shit is fucking fire. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

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The General said...

Dear Anonymous,
Perhaps while sitting in your glass house throwing stones is not the best idea. I think the correct word you were looking for is "you're" as in "you are the dumbest". And I think you also mean "35 year old"? Ahhh seems you're not as smart as you thought you were ay?
Also, I am 31 not 35 and my boyfriend is 25 not 21. You should also know that based on the number of hits my site receives on a daily basis from around the world, I seem to be impressing more than just my boyfriend. If you have a problem with my dude, you should probably take it up with him. It's obvious you know how to reach us, on a count of you apparently stalk our lives.
Although you failed to leave more than your poor excuse of an opinion, I think I have a pretty good idea of who you are. By all means feel free to leave me your contact information if you'd like to discuss my life further. If not you can always just continue to stalk me, hate me and envy me anonymously. As always, thanks for visiting TheGeneralsBooty.com.
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The Gen

Fo said...

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Anonymous said...

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Fo said...

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Enough said.

Roux said...

Just for the fuckin record, you CAN get fucked up for talking shit. Angel is talented, brilliant, and she holds shit down. Haters gonna motherfucking hate.

The General said...

In the grand scheme of things Anonymous, you and your cronies have little to no importance in this world to anyone besides each other. And in my eyes you are so incredibly insignificant. I feel embarrassed that I have even acknowledged you and your sad existence thus far.
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PS. Next time you wanna go online and leave “Anonymous” hater mail, try hiding your IP address genius!

Des said...

I don't have FAKE BOOBS FO!!! Bwahahaha who BTW isn't following the DD lmfao...but Not the reason i'm here though.

FYI.. if you have to be ANON... (that stands for anonymous for all you illiterate hooked on phonics drop out bitches)...That's hint number ONE that you can't handle biz in real life and have to resort to cyber stalking ...sad day for you i know.. and it's not badself stupid... The Gen's a bad ASS, ya dumb cunt(s)...

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