And so it begins....

Woah... Shout out to Sally Hansen for their new limited edition Halloween Salon Effects designs!
I'm a big fan of the Salon Effects strips on a count of they last forevs and they're super cute! So imagine my excitement when I came across these in a Little Rock Walgreens last week. I tend to have a love for the dark and morbid year round, so Halloween time is without a doubt my favorite time of the year!
I'm real bummed that they're limited edition, but not worry I'm fully stocked up! Here's what we're workin with:
 From left to right: Spun For You, Gouhlie Girl, Numbskull, and Wish Nets
Ok, so the Gouhlie Girl and the Numbskull are not really my favs, but fancy nonetheless!

And then we have HOT WIRED.... This one is my absolute fucking favorite ever!!!!!! It is straight money! I am bound and determined to purchase every one in the city! They shoulda named it The General cos I feel like it was made just special for me!

This will no doubt go stunningly with Whorebath's IAMAFUCKINGMONSTER tee. Act like you know. Thanks.


It's like that.
September has bragging rights super hard on bringing some of the most talented people into this world. Otis Redding, Joan Jett, Freddy Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Barry White.... need I say more?
Although I'm not really a fan of the month of September, I can say that September has produced some super important people in my life. There are a number of September days that are and always will be very special to me. So shout out to September for bringing some amazing people into this world! And shout out to those special people, I'm so super glad you were born. Love.

stuff you should know

There's a whole bunch of important shit going down this weekend. I feel like it is my duty to inform the uninformed. You will need to bring your faces to these events. My face is sure to be there. You can thank me when you see me.

Ok, this is tonight.... Urrbody loves art and music, or at least one of the two. If you don't love either your life most likely sucks really bad and you should question your existence. Anyway, this event has both so like I said something for everybody. Fresh Breath Committee will be performing live for 1st Friday at the HoodLab Galleries who is featuring the amazing art of SteevCreeper, not to be confused with Creeper Steve the original creep who is way awesomer than anyone else. Word.
Ok, and this one is Sunday. The famed hood duo 8Ball & MJG will be making a rare Box State appearance at Casselman's. I love them on a count of their music makes me feel super hard core and extra gangsta! I will most likely wear dickies, a rag, and be drinking my malt liquor from the classiest of brown paper bags. And as if 8Ball & MJG aren't reason enough to attend once again Fresh Breath Committee will be blessing the stage with their presence as well. See me there, we'll do the homie handshake. Orale