lesson learned

A few lessons I learned over the last few weeks of my life. Thought I'd share them with ya'll.
  • A good friend told me this. "Not everyone has the sort of character to do their own thing. Unfortunately, that's pretty much how the masses get down." These words helped me realize that I do have this sort of character, and I'm glad I do. I'm just going to embrace the fact that I am one of the few who posses this trait. I think I spent too much time worrying about the poor souls who do not have the character or creativity to do their own thing, rather than just being glad that I do.
  • I'd like to apologize to my garage for taking it for granted. This week I remembered just how important it is to me and how much I love it. I promise to sweep it, and keep it clean, and take good care of it on a count of it takes real good care of me.
  • My Minion Cakes is pretty much my very best friend. He keeps a smile on face and he takes good good care of my heart. He will forever be the only boy I trust with this heart.
  • I'm an amazing makeup artist. Not to toot my own horn, but toot fucking toot! I actually surprised myself this year. Hard work and years of practice really do pay off. I only hope to get better and better.
  • The iPhone update is not all that fancy in my opinion. It just added a whole bunch of unnecessary and confusing shit.
  • I'm a sissy. Yeah, someone told me that this week. I hate all these fucking paranormal evil ass movies on TV this time of year. That shit scares the motherfuck outta me. I refuse to entertain that bullshit and allow it into my home. Now, gimmie a good ol fashion zombie or slasher flick and I'm in. So yeah, as dark and scary as I may seem, I gotta draw the line somewhere. Oh and I don't do haunted houses either.
  • Going to the gym feels really good. All the boys should prepare themselves to be brought to the yard. (jokes)
  • Remember when getting down on one knee and thanking the lord was just called praying? Haha I do, it's sad that it has to be trendy for people to do it. Society glorifies the fucking stupidest shit these days.

The darker the better

A few of my favorite hallofuckingween joints. Enjoy.

And of course.....

It matters...

Aye finally! Here it is! The much anticipated release from Fo Chief and ProCyse "Nothing Else Matters". 7 originals and 3 bonus tracks to get your deep thinkin on. This shit goes hard, no lie. "On Everything" is prob my fave off of this album. But I guarantee each and every track on this project is deep.
Just goes to show ya, different feels good. Really really fucking good!

So here ya go. Listen, love, load. You're welcome!

keep it really real

Forgive me. For I have sinned.

Well if you're from Denver and do not reside under a rock, the you've probably heard that we have a pretty amazing crew repping our city on NBC's The Sing Off. Urban Method is an a capella group based right here in the Mile High City. They are pretty much killing it on the show. Coming in hot every week!
Now don't get me wrong most of the groups on the show are pretty good. I suppose they wouldn't be there if they weren't. But Urban Method posses that secret weapon that their competition cannot touch..... Myke Charles.
Not only does this cat have chords like the best of em but he can spit that fire too! Myke Charles (formerly Purpose of Fresh Breath Committee) is a multi dimensional music mastermind! You gotta have more than one talent these days to stand out from the pack.
So for those of you who didn't know, now you know. Oh and watch him Monday nights on The Sing Off on NBC! Good luck Purp we're rooting for ya fam!
Do yourself a favor and check Myke's latest track Hotel Confessions. You'll be glad you did. And while you're at it peep some of his other music too. I guarantee you'll be a fan!

Hotel Confessions by MykeCharles

Oh and while I'm at it here's my all time favorite joint From Myke featuring the amazing, talanted, extra sexy Fo Chief ;) Peep game!
07 Bonus Track-Cherry Lipstick (ft. Fo Chief) by MykeCharles

can you feel it in your bones?

October is always without a doubt one of the busiest months in my life. I roll with it tho, on a count of me and October got a thang, ya digg.
So as fall creeps in and Halloween nears, the events and activities get doper! Still not sure how I'm gonna squeeze in everything I wanna do this weekend in between rocking faces.... But I always find a way to make shit happen.
Here's a few events that you should bring your face to. Mine will be there, dead or alive...

The 6th Annual Denver Zombie Crawl!!!!! Maaarrrraaggghhhh!! You already know how I feel about zombies! So of course me and my undead entourage will be all up in this beeotch helping to set that Guinness record! Get dead and then get undead and meet us there motherfuckers!! Oh and my day is already booked solid so you're on your own as far as makeup. Lo siento...
Ok so after I wash all of the brains off, I'll get pretty and put on my blue suedes for the evenings events! This months installment of the always fly Firelily event Paparazzi For The People, features the Mile High City's very own DJ Vajra! Now this event always promises the cream of the crop when it comes to guest DJs, but this motherfucker takes the cake!! He's got the whole wide world in his hands! Yes the fucking world champion.... world champion DJ Vajra. Go ahead and let that marinate for a minute.
If you've never had the pleasure of shaking your ass to Vajra's mix, well all I can say is I'm sorry! Oh and I could never ever leave out the evenings other guest DJs also Mile High favorites. DJ Chonz and Miss Ginger Perry will supply the foreplay for your eardrums before Vajra comes in and fucks them hard. Yeah, I went there.
So if you're up for a good ear fucking, bring your face to Beauty Bar. Mine will be there.
Last but not least you should def find time in you evening to swing by Chances for the homie Big Joe Thunder's birthday party! I'm pretty sure he's turning 21 again! As always he's bringing several of Denver's finest artists to melt your face with live performances! My American Trash familia is in the line up, so you'll def wanna be in the building for that! Stop by, buy Big Joey a shot, or smoke a blunt with him. Either way wish him a happy birthday! Word.
While engaging in a conversation about a relative who shall remain nameless. The following hilarity ensued. I will never ever get tired of the things this kid says to me. I'm his biggest fan.

Me: "Son, I don't know why she dresses like a boy. Some girls just do that."
Mini: "So is she like woman gay?"
Me: "Huh? Woman gay?"
Mini: (whispering) "Yeah, you know a lesbian."
Me: "Yes son its called lesbian not woman gay."
Mini: "Well I didn't know if I was allowed to say the L word."

PS. I'd like to give a great big fuck you to society for leading our children to believe that a word like lesbian could ever possibly be a bad word!!! SMH

It's sad

Go to this show tonight. It'll be dope. You already know. Word the fuck up.
Scare Tactics is probably the most hilarious show ever. Watching people get scared is so motherfucking funny for some reason. Of course it's only funny when it's happening to someone else.
There will always be people from your past that refuse to let go. They will ridicule everything you do. They will forever knock your happy. They will be bitter. They will be mean. It is for these reasons that they are in your past.

I'm pretty much a G when it comes to kissing.


For those who need to brush up on their zombie. I wonder if Rosetta Stone has a zombie series? If not, they should. Should be a quick and easy read on a count of zombies pretty much only say "braaaainssss" oh and "om nom nom om nom". Word.

why it's ok to swallow

Boys,.... you're welcome.

I'm a motherfucking monster

All Hallows eve is right around the corner motherfuckers. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's time to start thinking about your costume! And don't make it something stupid either!
As October usually goes, my schedule is booking up with a quickness! So if you need your face rocked it is in your best interest to holler like fucking ASAP!

Oh and for those of you who don't know how I get down.... here's a little reminder:




This is just a sampling of course... whatever you can think of, I can make it happen! For booking email me @ pinuppretty@yahoo.com word.

I'm awesome

My latest and greatest. Jason. You love it.
Tattoo by Lorenzo Baca

Put your friday face on hoe

1. This week has been kind of epic, in a weird sorta way.
2. Concerts on Wednesday nights are just as live as concerts on Friday nights.
3. Steve Jobs is dead. I didn't know him so I'm not really sad. Apparently this makes me a total bitch.
4. I now see the appeal in fuzzy handcuffs. Real ones hurt. But they hurt so good.
5. The month of October is one of my favorites. Not to mention almost completely fucking booked solid.
6. Summer is over. I'm ok with it.
7. I'm head over heels in love with a rapper.
8. I'm currently torn between missing someone and hating them.
9. No one ever pays me in gum.
10. From now on I'm only playing word with people I know I can defeat.
11. Oh and also just a heads up, cunt and June are not recognized words. GTFOH!
12. My son asked me what "doggie style" meant the other day. I told him. Best mom ever.
13. I wear my sunglasses at night. Ok, that's a lie, I usually only wear them in the morning. But I do wear them and that's what's important here.
14. Hank Williams Jr. is going to be really poor really soon.
15. Happy Friday (the original hump day)

First they're sour...

This is fucking funny to me.


King Gampo

Saw this dude with Mac Lethal a couple years back. I'm a fan! Can't wait to see him again tonight! He puts on a sick show. Lots of artists have dope studio tracks but their live shows fail. That is not the case for Prof. Go ahead and dig a hole now, cos I guarantee you he's gonna murder it.
If you haven't heard his music, here's a few of my favorite tracks. If you hate it, you're fucking dumb and your ears are broken. Word.

The flier for tonight's show is down below. Be there.
Come to this show tonight. Unless I hate you, in which case you should stay home.
While in the car a few weeks back, the people on the radio were discussing camel toe. Mini looked super confused by the whole discussion. Here's why...

Mini: :I don't get what they're talking about."
Me: "That's cos you don't even know what camel toe is."
Mini: "I know what camel toe is!!!"
Me: (in utter shock and disbelief) "What!? How do you know?! Tell me what it is!"
Mini: "I learned it in like 4th grade mom! It's when you wear socks with flip flops."

I wish the innocence of childhood lasted forever... I'm sure that now he's in middle school he'll learn rather quickly what it really means. le sigh.

I see you independent...

I just saw this the other day. Apparently I was late to the party. But fuck you this shit is hilarious. You're welcome.