can you feel it in your bones?

October is always without a doubt one of the busiest months in my life. I roll with it tho, on a count of me and October got a thang, ya digg.
So as fall creeps in and Halloween nears, the events and activities get doper! Still not sure how I'm gonna squeeze in everything I wanna do this weekend in between rocking faces.... But I always find a way to make shit happen.
Here's a few events that you should bring your face to. Mine will be there, dead or alive...

The 6th Annual Denver Zombie Crawl!!!!! Maaarrrraaggghhhh!! You already know how I feel about zombies! So of course me and my undead entourage will be all up in this beeotch helping to set that Guinness record! Get dead and then get undead and meet us there motherfuckers!! Oh and my day is already booked solid so you're on your own as far as makeup. Lo siento...
Ok so after I wash all of the brains off, I'll get pretty and put on my blue suedes for the evenings events! This months installment of the always fly Firelily event Paparazzi For The People, features the Mile High City's very own DJ Vajra! Now this event always promises the cream of the crop when it comes to guest DJs, but this motherfucker takes the cake!! He's got the whole wide world in his hands! Yes the fucking world champion.... world champion DJ Vajra. Go ahead and let that marinate for a minute.
If you've never had the pleasure of shaking your ass to Vajra's mix, well all I can say is I'm sorry! Oh and I could never ever leave out the evenings other guest DJs also Mile High favorites. DJ Chonz and Miss Ginger Perry will supply the foreplay for your eardrums before Vajra comes in and fucks them hard. Yeah, I went there.
So if you're up for a good ear fucking, bring your face to Beauty Bar. Mine will be there.
Last but not least you should def find time in you evening to swing by Chances for the homie Big Joe Thunder's birthday party! I'm pretty sure he's turning 21 again! As always he's bringing several of Denver's finest artists to melt your face with live performances! My American Trash familia is in the line up, so you'll def wanna be in the building for that! Stop by, buy Big Joey a shot, or smoke a blunt with him. Either way wish him a happy birthday! Word.

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