Forgive me. For I have sinned.

Well if you're from Denver and do not reside under a rock, the you've probably heard that we have a pretty amazing crew repping our city on NBC's The Sing Off. Urban Method is an a capella group based right here in the Mile High City. They are pretty much killing it on the show. Coming in hot every week!
Now don't get me wrong most of the groups on the show are pretty good. I suppose they wouldn't be there if they weren't. But Urban Method posses that secret weapon that their competition cannot touch..... Myke Charles.
Not only does this cat have chords like the best of em but he can spit that fire too! Myke Charles (formerly Purpose of Fresh Breath Committee) is a multi dimensional music mastermind! You gotta have more than one talent these days to stand out from the pack.
So for those of you who didn't know, now you know. Oh and watch him Monday nights on The Sing Off on NBC! Good luck Purp we're rooting for ya fam!
Do yourself a favor and check Myke's latest track Hotel Confessions. You'll be glad you did. And while you're at it peep some of his other music too. I guarantee you'll be a fan!

Hotel Confessions by MykeCharles

Oh and while I'm at it here's my all time favorite joint From Myke featuring the amazing, talanted, extra sexy Fo Chief ;) Peep game!
07 Bonus Track-Cherry Lipstick (ft. Fo Chief) by MykeCharles

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