lesson learned

A few lessons I learned over the last few weeks of my life. Thought I'd share them with ya'll.
  • A good friend told me this. "Not everyone has the sort of character to do their own thing. Unfortunately, that's pretty much how the masses get down." These words helped me realize that I do have this sort of character, and I'm glad I do. I'm just going to embrace the fact that I am one of the few who posses this trait. I think I spent too much time worrying about the poor souls who do not have the character or creativity to do their own thing, rather than just being glad that I do.
  • I'd like to apologize to my garage for taking it for granted. This week I remembered just how important it is to me and how much I love it. I promise to sweep it, and keep it clean, and take good care of it on a count of it takes real good care of me.
  • My Minion Cakes is pretty much my very best friend. He keeps a smile on face and he takes good good care of my heart. He will forever be the only boy I trust with this heart.
  • I'm an amazing makeup artist. Not to toot my own horn, but toot fucking toot! I actually surprised myself this year. Hard work and years of practice really do pay off. I only hope to get better and better.
  • The iPhone update is not all that fancy in my opinion. It just added a whole bunch of unnecessary and confusing shit.
  • I'm a sissy. Yeah, someone told me that this week. I hate all these fucking paranormal evil ass movies on TV this time of year. That shit scares the motherfuck outta me. I refuse to entertain that bullshit and allow it into my home. Now, gimmie a good ol fashion zombie or slasher flick and I'm in. So yeah, as dark and scary as I may seem, I gotta draw the line somewhere. Oh and I don't do haunted houses either.
  • Going to the gym feels really good. All the boys should prepare themselves to be brought to the yard. (jokes)
  • Remember when getting down on one knee and thanking the lord was just called praying? Haha I do, it's sad that it has to be trendy for people to do it. Society glorifies the fucking stupidest shit these days.


Des said...

I love your lessons. and your character. ;)

Anonymous said...