Put your friday face on hoe

1. This week has been kind of epic, in a weird sorta way.
2. Concerts on Wednesday nights are just as live as concerts on Friday nights.
3. Steve Jobs is dead. I didn't know him so I'm not really sad. Apparently this makes me a total bitch.
4. I now see the appeal in fuzzy handcuffs. Real ones hurt. But they hurt so good.
5. The month of October is one of my favorites. Not to mention almost completely fucking booked solid.
6. Summer is over. I'm ok with it.
7. I'm head over heels in love with a rapper.
8. I'm currently torn between missing someone and hating them.
9. No one ever pays me in gum.
10. From now on I'm only playing word with people I know I can defeat.
11. Oh and also just a heads up, cunt and June are not recognized words. GTFOH!
12. My son asked me what "doggie style" meant the other day. I told him. Best mom ever.
13. I wear my sunglasses at night. Ok, that's a lie, I usually only wear them in the morning. But I do wear them and that's what's important here.
14. Hank Williams Jr. is going to be really poor really soon.
15. Happy Friday (the original hump day)

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Jack K. said...

No one ever pays me in gum either :(