Bad misses throwin blackberry kisses

Marilyn Manson and I would like to take a minute to thank MAC Cosmetics for the one day only re-release of thier Black Knight lipstick! If you didn't order yours on Black Friday well then you're fuck outta luck. Try as they may, no other cosmetic line has yet created a lip color quite like this. I ordered 3 of them on a count of I may never get the chance again! The little goth girl in me is mad excited! And for those of you thinking that black lipstick is only for JNCO jean wearing juggalo kids... peep game. Grrrr baby.

Words with enemies

You see this? This is complete bullshit! I live in Amuurica and so I speak Amuurican. This is a fucking conspiricy!

Don't feed the whores

A list, because it's been too long. Oh and cos no one does it like I does. Fuck off, I'm busy. You don’t know my life.

• I'm so fucking glad those black Friday Target commercials are over. That bitch is just straight up frightening to me. Her whole face just isn't right. Oh and that one where the lady is jamming a ham into a turkey. Motherfuck that one was disturbing! So disturbing we rewound it and watched it like 5 times.

• I do however love that one where the bitches are like “She’s a Black Friday legend. She even named her baby Black Friday” That one is funny! It always reminds me my friend Ebony, she’s totally a Black Friday legend! Although she named her most recent crew member Aubrey, we all know that Aubrey is just Spanish for “Black Friday”.

• Social networking just isn’t what it used to be man. It's either overkill joy and happiness like "OMG I love my life, I shit ponies and rainbows, blah blah" or overkill hate and anger like "You can't trust anyone, even my mom is out to get me, we're all doomed blah blah" oh and of course you have the cock rings on some "Me and my friends are the dopest ever, everyone else is lame, we all jerk each other off blah blah" I rarely log in anymore cos it's pretty much retarded.

• I had my first white Thanksgiving this year. I don’t know what I was expecting, but white Thanksgivings are pretty much just like Mexi Thanksgivings minus the green chile and tamales of course. I foresee many many more white Thanksgivings in my future :)

• I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to take to the white Thanksgiving. No one died, so I’d consider that a win.

• MaDukes and Papa Bear officially hate my red hair. Papa says red is for clowns. They’re old school tho. But I'm kinda over it myself, so back to black it is, oh and few extensions couldn’t hurt either. I mean mostly cos it’s hard to whip ma hair back & forth when it’s so short. Duh.

• I'm stoked that Beavis & Butthead are back in rotation! Is it just me, or are they funnier than before? I'm glad my son gets to experience the hilarity too! Even tho most parents would never let their kids watch that shit, I'm not like most parents. Oh not to mention Butt Head may or may not be a complete clone of someone I know *cough*CHIEFA*cough*. Bwaahahaha. No fucking lie bro.

• I will hold my pee forever! I feel like stopping what I'm doing to go potty is such a fucking burden! In fact I have to pee right fucking now as I type this. I wish I could hire someone to go to the bathroom for me. Oh and it does not help that I get locked in the bathroom stalls 32% of the time. I'm gonna be that old lady that just straight up pisses everywhere and doesn’t give a fuck.

• Words with friends is straight up bullshit. They’re tryna convince me that June isn’t a word but Qi is? Get the fuck outta here! What dick for brains is in charge over there? I have never used the word Qi in any sentence in my entire life! I only use this word when I’m losing at words and have no other moves. Pshhh

• Oh also, I'm certain that most of the people I play words with are cheating! These motherfuckers play some words that I’ve never even seen or heard before ever! And mostly I know this cos I'm a genius so I pretty much know every single word ever. Yeah.

• I think it was last year when I revealed to my son that Santa was a sham. We were playing truth or dare and he asked so I told him. Fuck it saves me money.

• Minion asked for a Swiss army knife for Christmas, so being the responsible co-parent that I am, I asked his father. His father said no. Yeah, same father that bought him a Beretta air soft gun for his birthday…. Without consulting me. Still tryna figure out how that’s fair.

• I like surprises. Bring it.

Cos a 90's house party don't stop

Oh how I love me a house party! Who doesn't right? Obviously if people hated house parties this jam would not be celebrating 3 years! Congrats to my peeps on the 3 year anniversary of the 90's House party!
This edition is for sure gonna be a fucking banger! Bring your faces and your door knockers, and I'll see you there. Boom.

Throw ya dubs up

Lady Wu is at it again causing a muhfuckin ruckus. Peep the girls latest project, shit is fucking murder. Extra proud of my girls for this one! You already know, these some cooooold ass women right here. My girls are in biz of breaking necks, so you best protect yours.


It's never too late for Brunch! Download it, digest it, love it. Brunch is officially my new favorite meal. Om nom nom om nom. Eat up motherfuckers.

vote or die

There's not much time left! Vote your motherfucking asses off!! You can vote 10x per voting method, so tell your friends. Shout out to the homie Purp. Bring that shit home my dude!
Oh and don't forget to watch The Sing Off tomorrow night on NBC. 

screen shots

This is why I love my people. To the moon Alice! To the moon!

Ya ain't ready for it bitch

Now I'm not a huge fan of the most recent rap releases, even by some of the heavy hitters in the game. It's all been sorta lack luster in my opinion. But there's always something about a voice from the past that takes you back.
So, while being chauffeured to work this morning, my boo had this on the ipod. I listened for a few seconds, and thought to myself that bitch sounds just like Gangsta Boo.... Well duh it totally was! I swear she'd fallen off the face of the earth. And motherfuck it was good to hear her voice! Reminded me of good times with good people. Not to mention Boo fucking preaches on this track, and I swear puts into words exactly what I've been feeling for the last few weeks.
"I see you bitches talkin loud but you ain't sayin shit. Get the fuck from round here you don't rep my shit. You ain't from my city you dont know about this. You don't want that drama, ya ain't ready for it bitch."
Fuckin Gangsta Boo. What can I even say. You already know. Whole track goes hard as fuck. Enjoy.

Extra Fucking Legit

Shout out to the homie Big Zome on his new video! Shit is good. Has a good feel to it. I always enjoy those kinda "feel good" joints with the hooks that I can bob my head to. It features AVIUS of Prime Element and Julox. And Holy shit I'd never heard Julox before this track! Dude has thee fucking sickest voice ever! He seriously would give Barry White's bass a run for its money! Look for cameos from a bunch of the homies too!
Anyway, congrats on the video Zomer! Keep makin them bangers my dude! Peep game:
So Legit from Zome on Vimeo.
Diamond Boiz

Better off Dead

Ah yes ain't that fresh.
Ok so I know I say "you don't wanna miss this" all the fucking time. So I'll put it like this... YOU CANNOT FUCKING MISS THIS! It's the first ever Dia De Los Muertos party!!! There will be art by the Mile High City's best! Live performances by Mane Rok & DJ Tense, Diamond Boiz, One Eyed Kings, and Kontrast & Fo Chief  ♥. Not to mention it's the official video release party for Zome's "Diamond In The Flesh" music video! This shit is gonna be motherfucking berries!! There will be ticket giveaways as well as some special giveaways from Whorebath Clothing!! So paint your faces the best you can and bring your asses to the Funky Buddah this Saturday!! I'm so fucking excited for this!! You really need to be here. Serio.

Death is Beautiful

So super proud of my dude Spoke! The long awaited release of his newest album "Beautiful Dead" is here for your listening pleasure. Spoke has been working on this project for a while and it shows. This whole album is murder. The 11 track album includes tracks featuring some of CO hip-hops originals like Infinite Mindz, DJ Chonz, and DJ Psycho, as well as heavy hitters like Yonnas of BLKHRTS.
There is so much happening on this album it's ridiculous, from the hardest of verses to a little R&B slow down for the ladies. I promise you'll love this album, I do.
Peep it here, and do yourself a favor and download yourself a copy.
Oh and yes, that is yours truly on the track list art. Thanks Spoke for allowing me to be part of this amazing project. Amor.