Death is Beautiful

So super proud of my dude Spoke! The long awaited release of his newest album "Beautiful Dead" is here for your listening pleasure. Spoke has been working on this project for a while and it shows. This whole album is murder. The 11 track album includes tracks featuring some of CO hip-hops originals like Infinite Mindz, DJ Chonz, and DJ Psycho, as well as heavy hitters like Yonnas of BLKHRTS.
There is so much happening on this album it's ridiculous, from the hardest of verses to a little R&B slow down for the ladies. I promise you'll love this album, I do.
Peep it here, and do yourself a favor and download yourself a copy.
Oh and yes, that is yours truly on the track list art. Thanks Spoke for allowing me to be part of this amazing project. Amor.

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