Ya ain't ready for it bitch

Now I'm not a huge fan of the most recent rap releases, even by some of the heavy hitters in the game. It's all been sorta lack luster in my opinion. But there's always something about a voice from the past that takes you back.
So, while being chauffeured to work this morning, my boo had this on the ipod. I listened for a few seconds, and thought to myself that bitch sounds just like Gangsta Boo.... Well duh it totally was! I swear she'd fallen off the face of the earth. And motherfuck it was good to hear her voice! Reminded me of good times with good people. Not to mention Boo fucking preaches on this track, and I swear puts into words exactly what I've been feeling for the last few weeks.
"I see you bitches talkin loud but you ain't sayin shit. Get the fuck from round here you don't rep my shit. You ain't from my city you dont know about this. You don't want that drama, ya ain't ready for it bitch."
Fuckin Gangsta Boo. What can I even say. You already know. Whole track goes hard as fuck. Enjoy.

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