Yo Yo Yo Merry Christmas!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the casa, the air was filled with the smell of fresh masa.

Though it was not much, it was all that they had and for Christmas this year the outlook was bad.

Mama y Papa had no money for toys, no dolls for las ninas, no bikes for the boys.

The famila prayed, then went off to bed, for they were just grateful for the roof on their heads.

They woke the next morning to a knock on the door. It was Cholo Clause and his vatos, x4!

See Cholo Clause does not sneak in to leave presents, where he comes from that will get you arrested. The children were excited and most of all shocked, to see Cholo Clause and his low rider dropped.

“Feliz Navidad!” He shouted with cheer! “We’ve brought you some presents and a case of cold beer! “

La familia was so grateful and so happy, there was gifts for each child y Mama y Papi!

As Clause left the casa and pulled closed the door, you could hear him shout at his vatos x4. “Andale vatos there’s more toys to deliver!” So they jumped in the ride all shiny and silver.

Cholo Clause left with his homies, and drove out of sight. For each family they visited…. Christmas was alright.

So let’s not forget Cholo Clause is legit, but all of these gifts he needs help to get. So if you’re a fan, please give what you can, for we all deserve Christmas every woman and man. Cholo Clause resides with The Casuals of course, so holler at us if you’d like to support!

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Hey - email of FB me this post so I can share it!!! Since I was trying to "bite" haha!