We're all a bit mad here...

Do you ever get to a point in your life where you stop and think ... How the fuck did I get here, to this point? This was not my plan.
That's where I am. I'm at that point. I cant quite pinpoint where exactly my direction changed course. But finding my way back to my original path has proven extremely difficult.
Just an update. Carry on.

Kiss the ring, but never touch the crown...

I'd like to take a moment to highlight one of the most amazing women on the planet, Iman Woods. Iman is truly one of the most beautiful, talented, strongest, and empowering women that I have been blessed to call a friend. Her light is absolutely immeasurable. What Iman does for women is priceless, and I am so honored and humbled to be a part of it.
Recently Iman celebrated 31 years of life! But really it was everyone who knew her that was actually celebrating the most. I know I was. Every year that I am fortunate enough to spend with Iman as a friend is a cause for celebration if you ask me. So shout out to her Mama, thank you so hard for bringing such an amazing human into this world!
I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings to our little Pin-Up family, I know whatever it is it will be motherfucking fabulous cos that's the only way we know how to do it!
Unfortunately I was unable to make this year's birthday soiree, but if you know Iman you know she does everything big! This year she celebrated in royal fashion throwing a Royal Birthday Ball! There is nothing more appropriate for celebrating Iman's life than a Royal Ball, on a count of she is truly a QUEEN.
Happy Birthday Iman, I love you Mama!

what's that sound?

It's the sound of my shoes.

The villians hero

Mark my words, this dude is gonna do big thangs. Some people have it and some don't. He has it. He has that real shit. Shit to make you feel shit. He's a rookie, but I can already see this motherfucker on top. This is just his freestyle shit. I can't wait to hear his polished studio joints. His words are like a chilled shot of patron, they go down smooth, hit you in the gut and alter your motherfucking state of mind.
So remember his name JacoBRyan, cos he's about to change shit.

"The rap game shot me in the heart like bow and arrow. With  all my bone marrow, and all a my strength, I see what I gotta do and I'm conditioned for length."
Sounds from Tuesday night by JacoBRyan

Sounds from Wednesday morning by JacoBRyan

Sounds from Monday night by JacoBRyan


It's "Orange Friday", the Mayor said so.... you're welcome.

Not yet

Oh yeah..... makes sense. Well shit, if we're not actually gonna meet our demise in a 2012 then I have a fuckload of promises I'll have to make good on! Man, I need to quit making those "I'll do it next year if the world doesn't end" promises. Seriously.

Shine it up with vaseline

This bitch is hilarious. I feel like we would be great friends in real life. Peep game.

Shout out to The Diva for always knowing just how to brighten my day!


 Got my Minion a voodoo doll for Christmas, cos seriously what the fuck else would a kid like mine want?! Needless to say he loved the shit out of it, and I love the shit out of him!
Find out how to cop your own amazing custom voodoo doll here! Pow!

It's Comical

And so it continues.... Apparently the people over at Marvel Comics think Timmy Tebow is some kinda super hero. Whatever. This shit is outta control if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I like dude. He has good values and seems to be a decent guy slash quarterback. But seriously, he pulls off a few last minute victories and he's a fucking super hero? Get the fuck out! So many people have forgotten that the Denver Broncos are a pinche football TEAM! It's not a one man show you fucking dummies! When dude can fly, or shoot spider webs then we'll talk. I swear all this Tebow hype is going to fucking jinx us!!