It's Comical

And so it continues.... Apparently the people over at Marvel Comics think Timmy Tebow is some kinda super hero. Whatever. This shit is outta control if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I like dude. He has good values and seems to be a decent guy slash quarterback. But seriously, he pulls off a few last minute victories and he's a fucking super hero? Get the fuck out! So many people have forgotten that the Denver Broncos are a pinche football TEAM! It's not a one man show you fucking dummies! When dude can fly, or shoot spider webs then we'll talk. I swear all this Tebow hype is going to fucking jinx us!!

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Des said...

THANK YOU!!! Shout out to the denver DEFENSE!! since they are the only ones who kept it close enough for those last minute victories!! :)