The villians hero

Mark my words, this dude is gonna do big thangs. Some people have it and some don't. He has it. He has that real shit. Shit to make you feel shit. He's a rookie, but I can already see this motherfucker on top. This is just his freestyle shit. I can't wait to hear his polished studio joints. His words are like a chilled shot of patron, they go down smooth, hit you in the gut and alter your motherfucking state of mind.
So remember his name JacoBRyan, cos he's about to change shit.

"The rap game shot me in the heart like bow and arrow. With  all my bone marrow, and all a my strength, I see what I gotta do and I'm conditioned for length."
Sounds from Tuesday night by JacoBRyan

Sounds from Wednesday morning by JacoBRyan

Sounds from Monday night by JacoBRyan

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