The most real

So if you missed the Nitty Scott show last weekend, you're pretty much a fucking idiot. That shit was raw! Like I said before this chick is a straight beast. She pretty much melted the faces off of everyone in the building. Not to mention she the realest, most grounded, and super chill person ever! I had the opportunity to rock out hair, makeup and a few blunts with Nitty and Jules (her manager/DJ) and it was like I'd known them forever! It's refreshing to chill with people who have huge talent but not huge egos. Not to mention the knowledge they both came with. Ridiculous, for real. I'm extra humbled and feeling lucky to have been able to chill with the two of them! Be jealous.
This is the first of many dope shows to come from the Casuals Crew! Oh and SUPER FUCKING LARGE SHOUT OUT to Miss Nitty for rocking the "motherfucker" tee from Whorebath! Catch her radio interview here. And here's a few flicks.Boom.

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