The Truth

Ok so first off I'd like to apologize to my readers for my lack of posts. I'm a really fucking busy busy busy bitch!!! No lie! I can barely keep my head above water lately! But I'ma do better, I promise!!
Ok so to make it up to you all I'm about to put you on to the hottest show in Denver for a long fucking time.... You ready?
Nitty motherfucking Scott!!! This bitch is the truth! She is one of the dopest female MCs in the game for a while. And yeah she's coming to the box state!! So let's all consider ourselves really fucking lucky! Miss Scott will be headlining an all female hip hop show, featuring Denver's baddest female performers and artists, including Lady Speech, Bianca Mikhan, Xencs L. Wing, Karma, Alba Valerdi, and many many more!! You do not wanna miss this show Nitty is blowing the fuck up so who knows when she'll make her way back to the D!!!
So, who do we have to thank for putting on such an amazing show??? The Casuals Crew of course! This is the first of many dope shows to come from Casuals Crew! Stay ready hoes! And bring your asses on Saturday!!! And for those of you who are lame and cant make the show.... Nitty will be doing an autograph signing at Independent Records on Colfax Saturday afternoon 3pm!
Oh and rumor has it Whorebath will be releasing some limited edition art prints from artist ZebOne himself!!!
Peep game!

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