3.....2.....1... you know the rest

Well folks, I would be doing a disservice as a blogger if I didn't share with you new shit, local shit, and good shit. But as you know, rarely do you find shit that possesses all three of these qualities. Well look no further, cos here it is.
The debut mixtape "Lift Off" from the box states own Myke Charles (the artist formerly known as Purpose), mixed up by the infamous DJ Chonz. This one was released earlier this week, and fuck..... it's good! The whole vibe is super high and sexy. Yeah, I said sexy. This one def favors the ladies! But don't get it fucked up, it's not all chocolate and roses. There are a few of those bangers that FBC always delivers!
The vibe of this mix reminded me so hard of b.o.b.'s album 12th Dimension. That will forever be my favorite shit from b.o.b, on a count of it was real, and it was feel good music. I saw him for the 1st time in 2008 when he opened for 3oh!3.... yeah that was obviously before he blew up. I'm 97% sure you wouldn't catch him opening for the likes of them nowadays. This was also before he was on the radio, or even the radar for that matter. Obviously he's doing things on a much bigger level now. Big ups!
Yeah, so to be honest, that's the path that I see my dude Purp taking. The one that leads to the top. And what better way to begin your journey than..... LIFT OFF

So here you go lovers, it's a free download. You can thank me later.

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