Also since I've been gone, I've allowed my son to say a few select curse words. I kinda figured if they can say them on TV then why not, right? Now I don't remember exactly when I started cussing, but I def didn't do it in front of the rents! I'da caught an ass whooping quick.
Honestly this has been one of my more entertaining and hilarious parenting decisions. I've learned that with a limited roster of allowable curse words, Minion is forced to be more creative when cursing. He puts together the most inventive sentences simply to incorporate his new words!
These are currently his permitted curse words:
Piss: Because it's not really that bad of a word.
Dick: Because he owns one, and thus should be permitted to say so. Also penis is a creepy word I think.
Ass: Also because he owns one. And I suppose one could argue the whole donkey thing. Whatevs.
Shit: Well just because...
So with these five words, he creates thee most colorful sentences. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda proud. And fuck, I'm well aware that I'll never win mom of the year or any shit like that, but all in all I've raised a smart, talented, good hearted, respectful kid. So I'm pretty much winning.

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