New old shoes

So, something I've learned from my boo is that apparently sneakers namely retro Jordans are fairly serious business to a lot of people. This shit is new to me. Apparently people have been killed, trampled, and even raped for these sneakers!! (ok maybe not raped, I added that for dramatic effect, but you get the idea.) So when he asked for the Jordan XI's for Christmas, I thought... no problem. Then I learned that they were not to be released until 12/21/12, still seemed somewhat easy. Well with a little more research I learned that it's not nearly as easy as going to the store on the release date and buying the shoes. They have a fucking lottery system, yeah. WTF right? So being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I spent my weekend visiting nearly every shoe store in this fucking state and collecting tickets for my chance to buy (not a pair of these fucking things! Apparently if you're lucky enough to have your ticket pulled, they call you and allow you to pay them $190 for a pair And no, they are not made of any kind of precious metal or gemstone or any shit like that, I asked. People are seriously crazy as shit when it comes to these shoes, and Michael Jordan is laughing his billionaire ass all the way to the bank. Well played MJ, well played.
Anyway my fingers are crossed and I hope they call. Baby's been moderately good this year and I think he deserves them. This is what the winning tickets look like (positive thinking)

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