Smooth Criminal

Lime Crime is officially on it's way to becoming my new favorite makeup line! Aside from the dopest name ever, their product is seriously fucking solid! The packaging is pretty amazing too! There are a few products from the line that I haven't tried yet, but only because they're pretty much always sold out! That's really the only negative thing I can say about this line.
The Velvetine gloss is pretty much one of the the best (not so glossy) lip glosses I've ever tried! It's a matte finish lip gloss with the solid pigmentation of a lipstick. Lasts forevs, and is super soft, not all dry like most matte products! It comes in these two colors!

But I'd have to say my favorite product so far though is the Carousel gloss, which is super duper fucking glosstastic! It's seriously like lowrider candy paint, fleck included! I've only tried the gloss in the "Present" color which is like a deep reddish purple (below). If the other colors are anywhere near as amazing as Present, I can assure you this will be your new favorite too!
So because I'm more of a lipstick/lipgloss kinda girl I always judge a line by their lip products. That's how I decide if I love or hate you. I can officially say that I LOVE this line, no doubt. I'm extra looking forward to trying all of their other products and most likely loving the shit outta them too! Let's hope they are back in stock soon, cos I'm impatient as a motherfucker!

These are some of the other products they offer, go buy some.
You're welcome.


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