Rubber Cement

When you're sick, you have a lot of time to lay around and think about shit. This is some of the shit my infected head thought about this week.
  • When you're sick, all you really want is love and hugs and kisses and comfort. When you're sick nobody wants to love, or hug, or kiss you, its sad.
  • The Walking Dead is an amazing show. Even if you don't love gore like I do, it's still solid television.
  • Netflix is like a gift from the angels.
  • Old school red rubber hot water bottles still trump heating pads. When I was little I used to fill them with warm water and wrap it in a blanket and pretend it was a baby. I still do this.
  • I will most likely never get married again. Not necessarily because I hate the concept like I used to, but because it seems it's just not in the cards for me anymore. C'est la vie.
  • I really like tea. Like a lot. I drink it everyday now. My son says this is old of me. I'm old.
  • I kind of hate social networking anymore. I can't even log on to facebook or instagram without being subjected to spam, terrible fucking grammar and/or self bathroom flix of chicks in thongs with abnormally huge asses. It's sad and I'm over it.
  • Thank gawd for fruit pop.
Go fuck yourself San Diego. I'm out.